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Courtesy Mobile Visit Fee $50

(please note any appointments located outside our coverage area will be charged additional fees. Express Medical Lab also provides a discount for patients that qualify)

Onsite Administrative Fee Start at  $30

Patients with insurance coverage all lab tests will be billed to your insurance provider by the designated laboratory and lab results will be sent to your ordering physician

(please note prices listed below are self-pay only)

Express Medical Lab LLC Affordable Price List Packages Below:

(self-pay patients welcome)

Diabetic panel $85.00

(cmp, hgba1c, cbc, and microalbumin urine)

Anemia panel $95.00

(cbc/diff, b12, folate, iron/trans.sat, iron binding, retic count, & ferritin)

Thyroid panel $75.00

(tsh, free t4, & free t3)

Lipid panel $65.00

(cholesterol, triglyceride, hdl  chol., ldl chol., chol/hdl ratio, non-hdl chol., & vldl/chol. calc)

Hepatic panel $55.00

(albumin, alk phos, direct bili, total bili, indirect bili, protein, sgpt, & sgot)

DNA Pharmacology, Immigration, and Paternity testing call for pricing it's determined on a case by case bases

STD Plus Panel $275.00

 (hiv, rpr, hsv 1/2, & urine chlam. gono.trich )

STD Panel $150.00

(hiv, rpr, & hsv 1/2 )

All drug screen panels $65.00 with confirmation
our test will hold up in the court 
We also offer hair testing & Breathalyzer testing
*All other test not listed please call for a price*
Employee's looking to save a buck $ on your job insurance we can offer  Biometric Health Screening labs & vitals $55.00
If you are struggling with very little energy our B12 Shots may do the trick!
Students needing Immune MMR, Varicella, & Hep B lab testing no problem, 
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