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Courtesy Mobile Visit Fee $50

(please note any appointments located outside our coverage area will be charged additional fees. Express Medical Lab also provides a hardship program for patients that qualify)

Onsite Administrative Fee Start at  $30

Patients with insurance coverage all labs will be billed to your insurance provider and lab results will be sent to your ordering physician

(please note prices listed below are self-pay only)

Express Medical Lab LLC Affordable Price List Packages Below:

(self-pay patients welcome)

Diabetic panel $85

(cmp, hgba1c, cbc, and microalbumin urine)

Anemia panel $95

(cbc/diff, b12, folate, iron/trans.sat, iron binding, retic count, & ferritin)

Thyroid panel $75

(tsh, free t4, & free t3)

Lipid panel $65

(cholesterol, triglyceride, hdl  chol., ldl chol., chol/hdl ratio, non-hdl chol., & vldl/chol. calc)

Hepatic panel $55

(albumin, alk phos, direct bili, total bili, indirect bili, protein, sgpt, & sgot)

DNA Pharmacology, Immigration, and Paternity testing call for pricing it's determined on a case by case bases

STD panel $150.00

 (hiv, rpr, & hsv 1/2)

All drug panels range from $45.00 to $65 with confirmation
our test will hold up in the court 
We also offer hair testing & Breathalyzer testing
*All other test not listed please call for a price*
Employee's looking to save a buck $ on your job insurance we can offer  Biometric Health Screening labs & vitals
If you are struggling with very little energy our B12 Shots may do the trick!
Students needing Immune MMR, Varicella, & Hep B lab testing no problem, 
we come to you just schedule today!